Your accommodation on ADtlas for years... at the cost of one night !


• A tremendous duration

For any new registration, you will only pay one single registration fee so that your accommodation(s) will be permanently referenced on ADtlas as long as it will run ! Our other Web site VEHICALL, the 1st comparator dedicated to geolocalised holiday rentals, was launched on October 1st, 2004. Since then, it remained operational and free thanks to the sponsors...

• For a fair cost

To balance the registration fee between levels of accommodation and countries, this one will be equal to the price rate, all costs included, asked to one couple (one person if it is your maximum capacity) for the cheapest night ending in the year of your ADtlas registration, independently of your types, levels or durations of accommodation.

• Here are two examples

If the night from March 31st till April 1st is the cheapest one, it will be your registration fee. If the cheapest night corresponds to the weekly price rate in apartment for the first week in March divided by 7, it will be your registration fee. Whatever are your types, levels or durations of accommodation, calculate your cheapest night to find your registration fee !

• Other precisions

With several accommodations of different types at the same mailing address: one single registration fee equal to the cheapest night, according to the rules above. If your accommodations are not all at the same mailing address: for every different address, one different identifier and one registration fee equal to the cheapest night at this address, according to the rules above.

• Our invoice

During your procedure of registration, you will indicate the amount of your registration fee calculated by yourself, according to the rules above. You will then receive automatically a message with your identifier, your password and your permanent link towards our electronic invoice which you can freely save and print.

• Your payment

Transfer the amount, by SEPA or other, to: Banque Raiffeisen Meyrin, VEHICALL Germain Leutwyler, IBAN CH35 8020 6000 0035 1090 4, SWIFT-BIC RAIFCH22. Add your invoice number as information. Warning: any registration not followed by the complete payment of the invoice within 30 days (legal deadline in Switzerland) will be cancelled without any advance notice !

• To resume

We rely on you as for the amount of the payment and you rely on us as for the sustainability of ADtlas: they are thus the ideal conditions for a fruitful partnership ! The reasonable price, to be paid only once to reference your accommodation(s) during numerous years, will be paid off in one night by your new customers. And this sum will allow us to improve ceaselessly both our Web site and our ADtlas network of partners and also to make them better known...

• And to conclude

24/24 and without additional cost, you may modify your profile (location, type(s) of accommodation, name and mailing address, phone number(s), e-mail address, possible link towards your Web page or site). You will never need to publish or to update on ADtlas your accommodation periods, availabilities or rates: here are additional time savings, especially if you propose your accommodation(s) only at certain periods during the year or occasionally. And you can accept last-minute demands even for a price rate lower than yours, because you will have a total freedom on your possible promotions and value for money ratio !

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