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Our other Web site VEHICALL, the 1st comparator dedicated to geolocalised holiday rentals, was launched on October 1st, 2004. Since then, it remained operational and free thanks to the sponsors...

For the Italian language, many thanks to Giovanna Comollo, a high-quality professional (Web site) which we invite you to contact for all your translations: e-mail. Thank you also to Sebastian Niebergall, Rosalia Ruiz, Cécile Magnin, Cécile Terzi, Laureen Dalex, Muriel Terrié, Cédric Leutwyler and Christine Leutwyler for their precious help.

The search algorithm sorts out geographically and by type of accommodation up to 1'200'000 addresses per second among those referenced.

The precision of the geolocalisation used for the calculations and the maps is about +/-6 cms.

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This site offers the possibility of selecting and contacting automatically the accommodation providers, members of the ADtlas network and situated in a chosen geographical zone, to know which ones have accommodations available for the dates and at the maximum price specified.

Applicable law

These general conditions are a matter of the Swiss law and, for any dispute, the place of jurisdiction is Geneva (Switzerland).

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Protection of personal data and private life

An e-mail address will be transmitted only between an accommodation provider and an applicant, put directly in relation by our geomessagent (geolocalised messaging agent), and never to another person or third company.


VEHICALL is a company based on the Swiss law registered at the Geneva's Trade Register since October 1998 (No féd: CH-660-1776998-4, No réf: 10852/1998). His founder and director: Germain Leutwyler, born in 1952 in Geneva, formerly manager or quality responsible within several multinationals of the IT sector. Our mailing address appears at the bottom of this page.

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