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You exercise an enriching activity, also on the human plan, and you have just found the right Web site to help you ! If you are referenced on ADtlas, you will receive directly, in your e-mail box, the automated demands of availability with their maximal budget for the people interested in your accommodation. If it is in the chosen area and if it corresponds to the type(s) of wished accommodation.

• What a time saving !

Read these demands (example) and decide, in a few seconds and with no problem at all of translation, on which ones to delete or to accept. In this last case, click 'Answer', correct the price in the subject if lower than the proposed price, then send back the message automatically containing all your coordinates. And no publications nor updates (periods, availabilities, prices, photos, descriptions, etc.) on ADtlas ! You will thus have nothing to do in the future to find more customers by referencing yourself in less than four minutes...

• Simplicity and universality !

ADtlas uses the simplest and most practical way of communication: the electronic mail ! All these demands having an identical format, you can manage them easily and quickly in the language of your choice...

• An unbeatable price !

Reference all your accommodations definitely (therefore forever) in exchange of a modest and sole registration fee equal to the rate of one night by you, without any monthly or annual cost and neither commission to be paid nor limitation of the number of received demands, now and in the future !

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